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Re: Building PDFs error: \pdfendlink ended up in different

PdfTeX error: usrlocaltexlivebini386-linuxpdflatex file.markov.jpeg: reading JPEG image failed no JPEG header found.

I wrote some lines and I wanted to view the pdf, so I compiled and built but I have this error message: This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.4-1.40.13 (MiKTeX 2.9 64.

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I having the following issue when trying to check a package using the command line.LaTeX Error: Unknown graphics extension:.eps. This can be resolved by adding.Probably this has something to do with differences in your latex setups.

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For example, if you say pdftex paper and the current directory is not writable,.

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After installation, I try compiling and it gives the following error: Unable to find pdftex.fmt.Everything quite good, but the issue now is...Now, its very friendly of pdftex to make.f: pdf inclusion: Page Group detected which pdfTeX cant handle. Error:.

Pdftex exe I ran a Google search but nothing too clear showed up. PdfTeX error: PDFlatax.exe file.

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Need help with a compiling error: MikTeX Configuration

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I googled around and found some old threads about this error, but did not find resolution to the problem.

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Rendering CV template with XeLaTex. Compiled it, got error.

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The -file- line-error or -c-style-errors for MikTeX option to indicate that it.

I was going to add the pdftex tag, but then I noticed the help text: pdfTeX is an extension.Probably your document is faulty, but it could be also the fault of a package you are using.

I am new to Latex and have been allowed to copy a Latex project in order to reuse it as a template for my thesis.Before you get very far in LaTeX you will surely make a mistake and start seeing error messages.

Hello All, I had to install Fedora 24 (beta as today) because my laptop was too new and needed latest version of Kernel.